Lake Wood Belvedere

This large scale 8,975 square foot home is a beautiful 5 bedroom 4 bath family residence, making it a perfect family home that will comfortably provide every need that the residents would care for. Ranging from a sauna and bar to a large private office and beautiful outdoor decks and patios, the Lake Wood Belvedere is a home that will never be boring no matter how long you live in it. 

The forms are dominated by mono-pitch roofs slanting in both directions, connected by shallow gabled links. Multi-level decks overlook a scenic lake, and modern window and door apertures bring this view into the interior. Overall, clean lines and pristine wood materials, both as structural timber members as well as siding, give this design a modern feel with a natural material palette.



Lakewood, Colorado


Design Development


8,975 SF


Common Rafters Timber Frame

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