Bill Tabberson graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1988 receiving his Masters of Architecture degree. He gained experience working for commercial firms in Minneapolis, Atlanta, and South Carolina, where he became a licensed architect. In 1996, Bill moved to Indiana where he transitioned to residential design and formed Tabberson Architects. In 2016, Tabberson Architects celebrated their 20th anniversary of operation. The firm has grown and evolved to the present day and has earned a national reputation for remaining at the forefront of the design industry.

What We Do

Tabberson Architects is a full service architectural firm. We can guide you from your first project idea through the final construction. We provide consultation throughout the jungle of decisions that need to be made to complete a project: design options, building codes, permitting, vendor and contractor choices, and so on. We offer services in:

  • Residential Design- Homes of all sizes, styles, and price points
  • Commercial Design- Restaurants and retail establishments
  • Timberframe Design- Homes, businesses, and pavilions, big or small

Beyond our traditional styles of architecture, we also specialize in timberframe design.

We are experts in the timberframe market and are familiar with all of the major vendors and their techniques in the industry. Work with us to make your timberframe dream come true!
We have also designed architecture for several quality housing developments with spec, semi-custom, and full-custom unit strategies. If you are a developer, contact us!

How We Do It

Our customized approach ensures that your home reflects everything that is unique to you and your family. Our team will collaborate with you and translate your ideas into drawings and imagery for you to review throughout the design process:

  • Schematic Design Phase – Sketches of initial design concepts
  • Design Development Phase – 3D views with refinement of building character
  • Construction Document Phase – Detailed and dimensioned blueprints

In addition to local clients, we serve clients across the country and are experienced with remote communications. We also communicate with vendors and contractors to keep everyone informed and involved throughout the entire project.

Meet Us

Bill Tabberson

William Tabberson

Principal / Owner
Bill is a leader in residential architecture with over 30 years of professional experience. He has a passion for carpentry and quality craftsmanship, and has designed and constructed multiple homes for his family in Minnesota, South Carolina, and Indiana. Since founding Tabberson Architects, Bill has earned a reputation for his inspirational design concepts and is recognized as an expert in timberframing by his peers.

Pam Harwood

Principal / Owner
Pam is both a professor of Architecture at Ball State University and the Director of the Master of Architecture Professional degree program. She is a consulting architect with the firm, with an expertise on learning environments. Pam has a passion for inviting the environment into the home, an ability to create outdoor living spaces, and focuses on designs that allow both children and families to gather. Pam has been recognized nationally for her work on nature-based play and learning environments for children and community engagement.

Chris Simmons

Senior Project Designer
Since joining Tabberson Architects in 2011, Chris has been mastering his techniques of rendering our projects with such detail that people often mistake them for photographs. Chris’ highly skilled digital artistry allows everyone the chance to see photo-realistic views of a project before it is ever built. Chris has his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Architecture from Ball State University and is an expert of materials, finishes, lighting, and landscape design in addition to timber frame design and modeling.

Ray Wilk

Senior Project Designer
A vital part of Tabberson Architects’ design team, Ray joined the office in 2014. Ray has a passion for bricklaying and stone masonry, and worked through a masonry apprenticeship after receiving his architecture degree. Ray brings valuable construction experience and knowledge into the office and specializes in construction documents, construction detailing, and timberframe design.

Miguel Ramirez

Senior Project Designer
Miguel joined Tabberson Architects in 2016. He specializes in the schematic and design development design phases. Miguel is highly skilled in the rapid production of three-dimensional models and imagery, using techniques that allow design changes and multiple design options to be quickly analyzed. Miguel also advises the office on passive solar building techniques.

Mason Olson

Graduate Architect
Mason joined Tabberson Architects in 2019 after receiving his Master’s Degree in Architecture from Ball State University with a certification in Social and Environmental Design. Although he has extensive experience with both residential and commercial projects, his true passion is to incorporate environmental design through today’s emerging technologies. Mason is skilled in construction documents, project supervision, and integrated design.

Kenna Gibson

Graduate Architect
Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture BSU 2017, Master’s Degree in Architecture UC 2020. Full bio coming soon!

Brittany Williams

Graduate Architect
Full bio coming soon!

Conner Million

Graduate Architect
Full bio coming soon!

Bryce Whaley

Assistant Project Designer 

Hunter Dishon

Assistant Project Designer

Raegan Bowen

Assistant Project Designer 

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