2601 Jackson St. Muncie

This project aims to create a modern twist on the old fashioned “corner grocery” aesthetic by taking a simple building form and creating a beautiful and inviting space to gather. This building is more than just a storefront in rural Muncie. Its stand-alone nature called for a more thoughtful design approach to multiple sides rather than simply just a façade. The design features a garden landscaping concept by utilizing decorative planter beds and vegetation crawling up sizable trellises near both entrances. Protruding shed roofs over timber pergolas frame and provide shade for both the entrances as well as a central outdoor seating area. These shed roof structures are purposefully designed to be asymmetrical to break up the symmetry of the main building while still maintaining a sense of balance. Color contrast is created by using predominant metal cladding on the exterior with large floor to ceiling apertures revealing the warmer interior palette of mostly wood in various shades of ochre.



Muncie, Indiana


Construction Documents


3,257 SF


Mortise and Tenon Timber Frame

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