1860 Vintage Barn

In a quaint area of Daleville, Indiana there rests a well preserved barn, reimagined as a sleek, expansive home. The sleek design brings this rudimentary barn into a new age of living. The reclaimed queen post design creates warm expressions through it’s time-tested construction style, and contrasts the sturdy feel with delicate glazing running floor to ceiling to give new breath to this old barn. The house is nearly 3,000 square feet, all the space needed to relax and embrace its inhabitants.

In a reclaimed project, it is imperative to the final design that as much tenderness be given to the redesign as possible to protect the character the structure once had. The owners of this well utilized structure brings their respect and love for time-tested methods into the design and expresses their passion for repurposing. A design embraced in this fashion gives those inside a robust sense of renewal, while soothingly being taken back in time.



Daleville, Indiana


Under Construction


2,929 SF


Reclaimed Queen Post

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