Lori Decker

Relationship: Client

Project Date: April 2020

“Brilliant designs crafted specifically to our land, surrounding natural materials & functional wants.”

Mike and Monica Miketa

Relationship: Clients

Project Date: September 2018

“We are extremely pleased with Bill and his team in assisting us with the realization of our dream home in Wyoming! Tabberson Architects listen, ask pertinent questions, and incorporate our vision into reality beyond expectations. We are eagerly awaiting working towards the completion of our dream with Bill and his team!”

Lee Birgenheier

Relationship: Client

Project Date: June 2017

“Tabberson Architects was recommended to us by Colorado Timberframe Co.

The design process of our hybrid timber frame home was lengthier than we had anticipated but learned through the help of both Bill Tabberson and Kayla Kamp that we could possibly build our dream home and stay within our tight budget.

We were quite pleased at the insights offered to us by using an architect that was knowledgeable in both post and beam as well as conventional construction.

We also learned that there are many ways to achieve a traditional post and beam appearance using both timber frame and conventional practices together. This had been a stumbling block for us in the past.

We have yet to begin work on our project as we are waiting on estimates but are very happy with the results we have so far and would recommend Bill and Kayla to anyone wanting to build using post and beam.”

Anita Bauer

Relationship: Client

Project Date: April 2017

“Tabberson Architects has been our “knight in shining armor” to enable us to realize our dream of a timberframe home. While most are probably initially attracted to the timberframe aesthetic, the true challenge comes in the finely detailed engineering to make the vision a reality. This task is not for the novices, and Tabberson’s years of experience designing this type of home was evident from our first meeting. While we had a “relatively complete” plan from another architect, it became clear when working with Colorado Timberframe that the design did not optimize the timberframe structure capabilities. We were referred to Bill, and we certainly didn’t want to start over. Bill and his team were empathetic to keeping the original vision, and adjusting the structure to correctly leverage what the timberframe could provide. While this cost us a bit more to update the plans, the charges were appropriate. I might add at this point that up until a week or so ago, we had never met Bill or his team face to face. Our meetings had all been via phone or online, and we never felt hindered by not meeting in person. We started working directly with Ray Wilk who was exceptional at interpreting our feedback, and highly responsive. It can’t be easy to pick up another architect’s plans and run with them, but that is exactly what the team did. Ray in particular has been exceedingly patient, professional and responsive with my questions, and provides very prompt updates. I would definitely recommend Tabberson Architects, albeit our experience is just in the timberframe space.”

From Colorado Timberframe

Relationship: Colleague

“We’ve collaborated with Bill on many projects and are always impressed by his quality of work and design. Highly recommend!”

Client Feedback

“Thank You all. The drawings look great. I am beyond impressed with how you’ve turned my dream into a reality.”

“We are so in love with the cabin you have designed. Your talent and skill are making this process a joy!”

“I really enjoy working with you and the design is exactly what I was hoping for.”

“Bill is doing a great job translating our feedback into the new designs!”

“I am just head over heels for this new house. I wish we were living there already!!! Thank you, thank you for listening!!!!”

“We are so excited to build this amazing cabin!! These renderings are fantastic!”