Eldorado Canyon Treehouse

Nestled between the side of a steep mountain ridge and seasonal creek near Eldorado Canyon State Park, this cozy treehouse-style cabin is the perfect nature retreat for this father-daughter duo. The treehouse includes two small bedrooms overlooking a cozy living room and kitchen area. The large East facing windows along with the wrapped main level deck showcases incredible views looking down South Boulder Creek and Eldorado Canyon while the North facing two story deck offers views up river accompanied by the relaxing sounds of water rushing past the large boulders in the creek. 

This treehouse was designed with a series of tilted timber frame members, large distressed beams, trapdoors, a pulley system, ropes, and lanterns to give it an overall rustic yet whimsical feel. The design merges these thematic elements with compact and efficient functionality to create the perfect cozy and comfortable mountain getaway.



Eldorado Springs, Colorado


Construction Documents


673 SF


Mortise and Tenon Timber Frame

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