Little Creek Remodel

A basic kitchen turned modern Italian in this extensive interior update. From the front entrance of the house though the kitchen and to the back dining room, this remodel opened up and lightened up these important main spaces in the house. Because they love to host, this couple wanted a space that felt modern and open, but still comfortable with plenty of room for a variety of activities.

The remodel of this home included basic finish updates to the stairs, opening up all the walls throughout the main level of the house, as well as rearranging the entire kitchen, dining, and bar layout. The new layout was mirrored to the ceiling with a coffered ceiling design coordinating with the floor layout below it. Each element in this remodel coordinated throughout the entire main level, ensuring that the whole space felt cohesive, welcoming, and modern.



Westfield, Indiana


Completed in 2016


931 SF



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