Oak Ridge Pointe PUD

Located in the growing city of Westfield, Indiana, this commercial retail building is not your ordinary “strip mall”. The concept of this project can be summarized in one word: Quality. Quality location, quality design, quality materials, and ultimately quality experiences for both the customers as well as the employees of the businesses that will occupy this attractive retail establishment.

Working closely with local planners, this retail center is unique in that it is designed to be attractive on all four sides, a true great leap forward in quality when compared to your standard strip mall that only has a front facade. The shops at Oak Ridge Pointe are clad with premium materials- limestone, brick, and exotic wood, all highlighted by colorful mosaic tiles inset into the building, and downlit for effect. Indeed, the Oak Ridge Pointe PUD will raise the bar for future development in the area.



Westfield, Indiana


Completed in 2019


13,521 SF 


Steel Frame with Bar Joist

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