Golden Canyon Cabin

Golden Canyon Cabin is designed for maximum spatial efficiency. Developed with a balance of function and aesthetics, this home provides a surprising amount of comfort and amenities in barely 1,600 square feet of interior space. This design is perfect for anyone who appreciates a modestly sized home.

Designed specifically for rocky, mountainous sites with steep terrain, the concept of Golden Canyon Cabin is to minimize the building footprint. Certainly, the site is the most important factor in the construction of any new home, and this layout accommodates the site’s raw beauty by embracing natural features and reducing the amount of site disturbance. More than half of the floor area is raised above the ground on timber columns, creating an intimate connection to the earth with designed sheltered spaces underneath the projecting upper level.

A deck wraps around two sides of the house, integrating separate spaces and volumes, and effectively makes the house feel larger. The signature mono-pitched roof angles upward towards the site’s premium views, aided by dramatic glass walls that allow the outdoor views inside. A solid/void dynamic is created by the use of stone and metal materials contrasted with glass walls and corner detailing. The exposed structural mortise and tenon timber frame ties the whole house together and enhances the character inside and out.



Golden, Colorado


Design Development


1,749 SF


Common Rafter Timber Frame

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