CR 17 Ridge View Road

The challenge of a mountain modern style home in a pristine landscape is to harmonize with the setting but also contrast the natural ruggedness with clean lines and simple detailing. Through the use of natural materials, primarily stone and wood cladding blends well with the browns, grays, and ocher hues of the earth. Apertures with stark black frames punch through sharply, and the transparency of the glass casement windows and sliding doors are intensified without any subdivisions added. Light transfusion at dawn and dusk illuminates the house from within. Overall, the heavy timber frame structure and detailing is the unifying element both interior and exterior- characterizing both man-made and natural qualities in one material component.

The interior design is more modern in style than the exterior with whites and grays being the predominant color scheme. A single hall connects three primary spaces on the main level. From the dining room to the master bedroom, one experiences compression and release going from one space to the next. All along this axial path, the glass wall is set directly into the timber structure, dematerializing this wall and affording stunning panoramic views from all points along its path. In these three projecting volumes, the use of glass on three sides makes it feel as if one is outdoors in the environment while remaining within the home’s comfort.



Nederlands, Colorado


Completed in 2019


4,467 SF


King Post Truss

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