Wapiti Tranquility

Located within eyesight of Yellowstone National Park, this one of a kind custom home capitalizes on the natural beauty of the environment. Through strategic site orientation, building massing, and spatial planning, the exterior is united with the interior to the maximum degree. 

At 4,384 sf, Wapiti Tranquility contains specialty design features such as a 16’ tall lower level workshop, and is connected to an existing auto shop and saloon via an enclosed second level deck. The vertical scale and butterfly roof provides beautiful views of the mountainous landscape in Wyoming, allowing the owners and guests to enjoy every aspect of their lives in the comfort of their own home. Indeed, this home in its entirety is a place that allows the owners to live in “tranquility”.



Wapiti, Wyoming


Completed in 2021


 4,384 SF


Post and Beam Monopitch Timber Frame

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