Pinecone Scales

What makes a perfect home…  A first-class design? A breathtaking property? A fully customized layout? Pinecone Scales has all of these quintessential elements. Conceived by the owners whose vision and inspiration has fueled the design team since day one, this home has been developed, refined and detailed for over two years without ever losing sight of the original design concepts. Truly, Pinecone Scales has the potential to be the perfect home for the owners whose personality and lifestyle are ingrained in every aspect of the house.

Pinecone Scales matured organically from input and considerations coming from several directions. Site planning, client’s aspirations, and budget control all required respect and attention and affected design decisions. The resulting, final design nestles the house comfortably into the Colorado mountainside and merges forms and functions together with an incredibly dynamic effect.

Outside, volumes push and pull relative to each other, and strategic roof configurations create covered outdoor spaces that flow with the landscape around the exterior. Inside, a wide variety of functional spaces are efficiently arranged and joined by circulation paths rich with flavor and character. A covered carport is linked to the house by a stepped and landscaped entry trellis, and as one passes through the stone portal at the front door they enter the main “hub” of the house which connects the levels vertically via an open stair and a fashionable glass elevator. Overall, the combination of the heavy timber frame structure and the lightness of the glass corners illustrates the lively, vitalizing sense of spirit that characterizes both the house and its residents.



Nederland, Colorado


Completed in 2020


4,222 SF


Timber Frame Common Rafters

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