M&M Ranch

M&M Ranch is a cozy ranch style home with a rustic/mountain modern design. We designed M&M Ranch into the physical site — and the home’s relationship to the earth is the main inspiration for its architectural form. We extensively studied the horizon and the effects of how the sun rises and sets, so that we could ensure its shared axis to the orientation of the building. As this was already a magnificent site, our goal for the architecture of this 2,770-square-foot home was for it to blend seamlessly within the landscape. 

The timber frame structure with mono-pitch roof forma is the main design feature, interior and exterior. The master bedroom, great room, and kitchen are all directed to have marvelous views of the northern landscape with windows virtually covering the entire north facade. Private life, work life and entertainment all take place in their own separate wings. Overall this home is a beautiful piece of architecture, giving off a very homey feel whilst being an architectural masterpiece.





Completed in 2021


2,770 SF


Common Rafters Timber Frame

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