Live Oak Ranch

The country landscape in Texas is vast, wide, and remote, and has forever influenced the culture and lifestyle in Texas. Indeed, the best characteristics in any regional country context are exemplified by the local farms and homesteads which, in Texas, are the ranches on which people work and live.

Ranches are unique in a special way that welcomes people to enjoy their stay without ignoring the hard work upon which the ranch was built. Ranches are both comfortable and gritty, and always reflect the personality and individuality of the people who live there as well as the work that is done there.

Architecturally, Live Oak Ranch fits the mold of an authentic ranch, perhaps on the more “grand” end of the ranch spectrum. Taking advantage of the ample available space, Live Oak Ranch spreads out, similar to the additive way agricultural buildings are enlarged and added to. Amenities and bedrooms are plentiful and hospitable, and the great room is impressive and dignified. A bulky timber frame structure dominates the expression and marks the status of the ranch as a symbol of pride.



Fredericksburg, Texas


Design Development


14,316 SF


King Post Truss

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