Hill Country Ranch

In Texas Hill Country, a ranch is more than just a home. Hill Country Ranch serves as the headquarters for a prime hunting and fishing destination in addition to functioning as a permanent home. On display throughout is a stout timber frame, scaled large to fit the “big” local mindset. Rustic detailing combined with more formal spatial allotments makes this ranch feel right at home in Southern Texas.

Impressive girder trusses straddle the Great Room and support triangulated bow-string bents, and a large stone fireplace syncopates the bent rhythm at the exterior wall allowing for clerestory windows to express the continuity of the large roof overhang to the exterior. The kitchen adjacent to the Great Room has exposed timber ceiling beams analogous to the underside of the loft, unifying the look and feel of the large central core of the layout.

The timber frame has an ax-hewn texture and is enhanced visually and structurally with steel straps. Additionally, local craftsmen used reclaimed decking and other reclaimed materials to create a vintage, vernacular character. Inside, an authentic log-and-chinking wall adds further interest. Lastly, a covered outdoor living space with a fireplace, butcher’s table, and kitchen exemplifies the form and function of the whole house while offering prime views for everyone as they enjoy their catch of the day.



Junction, Texas


Completed in 2017


5,131 SF


King Post with Girder Truss

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