Who says being utilitarian can’t also be beautiful? Indeed, this greenhouse design merges the two ideas together. The utility, or “nuts and bolts” concept is applied literally, and the tectonics of the construction are as beautiful close-up as the whole greenhouse is viewed from afar. Symmetry, proportioning, and the interplay of solid/void spaces unify the form and the function of this efficient, practical, yet creative and aesthetic multi-purpose greenhouse.

The leading construction method for the greenhouse uses bolted wood members. The “tartan grid” columns are composed of 4 separate pieces, joined at the base by metal plates. The spaces inside the columns allow additional structural elements to be through-bolted, resulting in a rigid frame made out of relatively small members. Masonry volumes define the ends of the greenhouse, and the predominate glass volume broadens outward in between.

The plan is divided into three general spaces, each designed for a separate purpose. One side houses a horse stable, and the other storage. The central space is the greenhouse, designed with operable glazing units to control humidity and ventilation.



Brown County, Indiana


Completed in 2014


1,322 SF



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