Four Mile Canyon

Nestled into the side of a mountain, Four Mile Canyon is a single family home with a unique blend of styles. Inspired by the forms of mining structures, the house has an industrial ambiance inside and out. The overall character is developed further by adding contemporary elements to refine the look and feel. The resulting blend creates a house that is full of subtle details; rustic but not crude, high quality but not extravagant. Indeed, the house genuinely reflects the individuality of the owners whose vision drove the design.

The central form of the house is a linear vaulted volume, with half of the space open living and kitchen. Adjacent is a partially open dining room, which then transitions to the private master suite after a change in floor level. Flanking the main volume on one side are auxiliary spaces, split axially by the main entry tower and stairwell to the lower level. On the other side are a master terrace and the main exterior deck, both which provide dramatic views towards the city of Boulder, Colorado.

The dominant structure is timber frame, articulating both interior and exterior of the house. The scissor-truss bent across the main volume utilizes both mortise-and-tenon joinery as well as steel plate reinforcement. Additionally, steel rods complement the plates both inside and out, showcased across the glass panels that infill the timber frame around the entry tower. On the back of the house, a dynamic rhythm is composed by the exterior timber pilasters and the glazing panels.



Boulder, Colorado


Completed in 2018


3,063 SF


Scissor Truss

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