Evergreen Mountain Retreat

A charming retreat home is meant to bring those who enter into a refreshed state of mind, where they can take long needed rests and soak in the surroundings. The Evergreen Mountain Retreat is just that with its warm rejuvenating tones and textures, complete with queen post trusses and common rafters to enhance the living spaces of the home. There are small added details to the bracing elements near timber joints that step the beams out from the columns in an exaggerated fashion. On the exterior, the home has sawn timbers that are stacked with thick joints and locking corners that gives it a stout horizontal visual, with vertical tongue and groove siding that appear delicate in contrast. The stone base grounds the retreat on the site, connecting it to the earth from which the stone came from.



Evergreen, Colorado


Design Development 


2,983 SF


Queen Post Truss and Common Rafters Timber Frame

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