Caribou Ridge

Caribou Ridge is a development consisting of 34 home sites spread across 40 acres just outside of Boulder, Colorado. From any direction you can see gorgeous views of the Rocky Mountains, both tree-filled and snow-capped. The extreme changes in elevation give every home the opportunity to capitalize on the views. Each home design is unique to its lot, customized to each view and each client’s needs as they begin to visualize their future at Caribou Ridge. The vision of these timber frame homes is to give each owner expansive and unique views in a mountain living atmosphere while still maintaining the privacy of a secluded area.

Tabberson Architects are the lead designers for the homes at Caribou Ridge. As a client discovers the development and begins to dream of their home here, we work with them by customizing pre-existing home designs. We work side-by-side with Cornerstone Contracting Company to connect a client with their unique lot and home design.

Cornerstone Contracting Company, LLC is a custom home building company leading the development of Caribou Ridge. The prospective homeowners trust Cornerstone to ensure their home is built to the highest level of quality.

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