Callaway Corvette Gallery

When does the term “garage” no longer apply? When a garage houses a collection of pristine high-end sports cars, it is no longer a garage. Rather, it is a gallery entrusted with storing, protecting, and most importantly displaying valuable works of art.

This structure was commissioned as a space to exhibit a personal corvette collection, and at 85 feet long it comfortably fits at least ten Corvettes. Certainly, this is not your average auto warehouse, nor is it an auto-shop. There are no tool benches or car lifts. Instead, there is only the gallery floor, polished to reflect the showcase machines kept inside.

The Callaway Corvette Gallery is built with common materials: wood, steel, brick, stone, and plaster. But it is the details of which the various components are assembled that elevate the structure into a high-class project. A hand-cut mortise and tenon timber frame with a timeless hammer-beam bent design repeats in rhythm across the ceiling, with live valley rafters and gables projecting from the ends and the front. Steel strapping accentuates and strengthens the pegged joinery, and masonry walls enclose the building, complementing the natural material palette and adding another layer to the richly textured surfaces.



Noblesville, Indiana


Completed in 2017


2,838 SF


Mortise and Tenon Timber Frame

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