Brown County Shadows

This 2,048 sq. ft. house design features a linear plan, vaulted living space, and artistic king-post timber frame bents with curved timber members. Bedrooms and living spaces are arranged on the main axis, along which a rhythmic series of sliding doors with transom windows provides abundant daylighting. In the living room, a stone fireplace flanked by glazing and a patio door anchors the endpoint of the main axis. Transversely, a hierarchy of spaces crosses the main axis of the house and balances the linear form of the plan. Beginning at the garage, a trellised and landscaped walkway connects to an entry patio, foyer at the crossing, screen porch, and outdoor patio. As a vacation home or a modest permanent home, this design is perfect for connecting with the outdoors.



Brown County, Indiana


Design Development


2,048 SF


King Post Timber Frame

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