Windemere Makeover

Windemere Makeover is a remodeled home upon which simple changes were made with impressive results. The majority of remodel work in the house was replacing and updating finish materials, such as new granite countertops and marble floors, as well as the addition of arched doorways with finely crafted wood columns, pilasters, paneling, and molding throughout the house. Only one wall was removed with the profound effect of merging the kitchen and dining room into one space. With the addition of a new fireplace, this new “hearth room” with 14′ ceilings now serves as the central gathering place in the house. Adjacent to the hearth room is the added sunroom, complete with a custom ceiling-height arched window, bamboo shades, tile flooring, and welcoming views to their outdoor pool and nearby lake.



Carmel, Indiana 


Completed in 2006


4,154 SF


Traditional Stud Framing

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