Williams Creek Farm

The contagious labor-of-love brought into Williams Creek Farm by the owner and resident was an integral part of this marvelous home’s design. Upon purchasing the unkempt farm property, the owner saw its inner charm and relished in its history, vowing to preserve, restore, and improve the land before some modern development could wash it away. This spacious yet compact 3,400 sq. ft. home is the property’s greatest improvement. The home has 10′ ceilings, few interior walls, sparse furnishings, and plenty of hidden and built-in storage to reduce clutter and keep the footprint small. Inside, honey-lime slate covers the floors and shower, stainless steel appears in the kitchen, stairs, and a Japanese soaking tub, and exposed cedar rafters dress the ceilings. Outside, earthy stone and brick compose the facade beneath a durable standing-seam steel roof.



Indianapolis, Indiana


Completed in 2006


3,400 SF


Traditional Stud Framing

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