Potting Shed

This potting shed represents a concept that is gaining momentum in recent trends, that great things often come in small packages! When a new building project is approaching, one is faced with the consideration of quality vs. quantity. In other words, should my new building be small, refined, and sophisticated, or should I maximize my footprint as long as I stay under budget?

The floor platform of this potting shed is only 76 square feet, but by slanting the walls outward,  more shelving space is created without expanding the footprint. Trapezoidal windows and a bump-out shed dormer create an overall whimsical character. Functionally, the potting shed serves its purpose as a place to store gardening supplies as well as plant-starts in the spring. However, the sophistication of its design, attention to detail, and quality of construction is really what makes it so enjoyable for the owners who commissioned the design.

Indeed, this potting shed is too small to live in! But the concept of condensed efficiency and refined detailing can be applied to a building of any scale, like a house. We believe that cutting back on space and investing in quality will ultimately reward the owner in both value and experience.



Muncie, Indiana


Completed in 2011


76 SF


Common Rafter

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