Modern Pantheon

Timber framing is an ancient craft, moreso an art to those whose experience has led them to understand and appreciate the subtleties of wood and the precision of joinery. Can such archaic techniques be adapted to today’s high-tech world? The Modern Pantheon is a masterpiece in advanced, technical timber framing and proves that the artform can and will continue to thrive in the present-day and on into the future.

The inspiration for the Modern Pantheon is the historical Roman landmark of which it is named after. Circular in shape, the structure profoundly remains open at its apex where the oculus casts its shadow tracking the movement of the sun. The radial timber rafters, each elegantly reinforced with an acute diagonal brace, support the inner oculus ring and transfer the load to the enormous outer ring, all milled from solid wood. Neatly positioned wooden pegs declare mortise and tenon joinery, while reinforced metal connections are discreetly hidden.

The pavilion differs from its Roman precedent in a significant way. With the exception of the oculus, the structure radiates 270°, with this area being covered by fritted glass and the remainder of the circle open as the pavilion abuts the corner of a game court. The pavilion serves as an open shelter and gathering place for socializing and sporting, and inspires friends and family as they experience the rare qualities of space created by the Modern Pantheon.



Brown County, Indiana


Completed in 2015


862 SF


Mortise and Tenon

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