Lake Egypt Cottage

This horizontally expressed 5,167 square foot lake cottage provides captivating views to the waters of Lake Egypt, located in Goreville, Illinois. The lake’s terraced landscape is mimicked in the rising and falling overhangs of the cottage overlooking the water. Adding to the expression of verticality on the site, the steps that climb up the hillside from the lake gradually increase the views up to the exterior entertainment spaces. Traversing the site and home brings a new appreciation of the surroundings with every view being unique and expansive. Surrounding the cottage is a lightly wooded landscape on the tip of a large peninsula. Lake Egypt Cottage stakes its dominance at this vantage point and accentuates it by the presence of its large overhangs and king post truss design.



Goreville, Illinois


Design Development


5,167 SF


King Post Truss with Curved Bottom Chord

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