Hoosier Farms Event Center

Indiana has long held the title of “round-barn capital” of the nation. At one point in the state’s history some 225 round barns dotted the rural agricultural countryside. Originally built during the period between 1890-1915, less than half of these structures still stand today. Indeed, the round barn is the symbol of Indiana’s agricultural past. It is the objective of Hostetler Farm to capture this prairie farm agrarian spirit and keep the local past alive for new generations to experience.

Originally, round barns were innovative in both their construction techniques as well as the functional agricultural strategies that they supported. The Hostetler Farm round barn is no exception. The innovations in this new round barn utilize modern technology and materials to create a durable, high-tech building while still honoring the forms and methods of the past.

The building functions as an event center with the dominant structure of the building, the round barn, acting as the main gathering space. Inside, the exposed CNC fabricated mortise and tenon timber frame  structure inspires awe as one follows the radial members up to the cupola, shining light like a lantern 60 feet above the center of the floor. The supplemental spaces are contained within silos; familiar vernacular structures that are the counterpart to any barn. The use of different materials for each silo is a homage to the evolution of the agricultural silo, and also adds excitement and color to this state of the art event center facility.



Clayton, Indiana


Construction Documents


12,149 SF


Mortise and Tenon Timber Frame

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