Glacier Ridge

Glacier Ridge is an extremely successful example of hybrid timber construction design. The premium spaces in the home are timber framed, with exterior timber elements as well, such as timber window awnings and a covered timber link to the garage. The reminder of the house is conventional stud framing.

At first glance, the refined proportions, materials, and accent details mask the fact that the house has in fact a very simple layout with simple three dimensional volumes. The subtleties in which the cross axis adjoins the primary axis, along with the stepping down of the roof over the living room, unite the forms into a very pleasing aesthetic.

Built into the Colorado mountain landscape, the house is oriented on the site to take advantage of beautiful mountain views as well as to have a natural and seamless walk-out basement, complete with a pair of decks that flank the living room volume.



Fairplay, Colorado


Completed in 2020


4,538 SF


King Post Truss Timber Frame

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