Deer Creek Cottage

Deer Creek Cottage began as a Tabberson Architects prototype that was modified to suit the owner’s specific program and desired building size. The concept of the house is simplicity, with subtle details that have profound effects on the overall impact of the design.

The massing of the house is split into two major volumes, each pure rectangular forms with similar proportions, pitched roofs, and gabled ends. The two volumes divide the home’s functions with bedrooms in one wing and living spaces in the other. A link connects the two volumes and unites them into a whole composition, highlighting the skewed relationship between the two wings and creating a courtyard between them.

The simplicity of the volumes paired with repetitive window/door modules and sleek interiors creates a contemporary look for the cottage. A unique, signature timber frame design enhances the look inside and out. By modifying a traditional “queen post” timber truss design into a gridded truss, the timber frame is in harmony with the clean, neat, and ordered feel of the rest of the house.



Fraser, Colorado


Under Construction


2,839 SF


Queen Post Truss

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