Coly Frame

Pushing the design past standard timber framing is a commonplace at Tabberson Architects. This home not only has a multitude of unique timber frame features but also incorporates one of the most complex roof designs to come out of the studio. The framing of the roof rafters defies the traditional ninety degree connections and is laid out into a forty-five degree angled pattern. The exposed scissor trusses visually connect to the groin vaults that bring the timber frame down to a lower scale at the entrances.

The stone chimney arises from the free standing fireplace in between the dining room and great room. Rather than being set into a wall in a traditional sense, it separates the spaces and offers a pass-through fireplace for both spaces to utilize. This home is not just a showcase for unique timber frame features, it comes fully stocked. With three bedrooms, two and a half baths, a generous great room, and over 2,000 square feet of outdoor living space, this home meets every need.



Indianapolis, Indiana


Design Development


1,420 SF


Custom Truss Timber Frame

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