Clarks Creek Ranch

A quiet getaway with rustic pleasures emanates the vision of a cozy homestead. This home is surrounded by cornfields in the lightly rolling countryside, far from the hustle and bustle of city life. Able to entertain indoors and out, this home is settled in the farming landscape of Plainfield, Indiana and is just over 5,600 square feet.

This home was designed to hold an array of hunting trophies and the many stories behind each. Utilizing a king post truss system, heavy timber columns bear down on the site in a steadfast manner. Flagstone fireplaces contrast the timbers and add to the warm earthy design in both the exterior covered entertainment space and interior sitting space. These features warm the atmosphere of the home and bring new life to each story told in good company.



Plainfield, Indiana


Under Construction


5,612 SF


King Post Truss

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