Black Forest Belvedere

Black Forest Belvedere is a luxury home design with lots of appeal. An exercise in the mono-pitch roof, the overall house appears as a cluster of forms aiming in several directions all at once. Upon studying the layout as well as the exterior views one will understand how each volume is intimately connected with the rest to form a holistic, integrated structure. “The whole is greater than the sum of the parts!”

The mono-pitch roof concept is tastefully contemporary, and lends itself for use in mountain environments where the jagged rooflines blend in well with the steep landscapes and views that comprise the surrounding context. With skill and tact, Black Forest Belvedere utilizes the mono-pitched roofs and ceilings to control the feel of the interior spaces. For example, the two-story height of the great room is grand and impressive, and is on par with the scale of this delux home. Outdoors, terraced patios and landscaping surround the house and complement the highly articulated surfaces of the house’s many facades.



Black Forest, Colorado


Design Development


4,146 SF


Common Rafters Timber Frame

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