BBQ Restaurant

A great barbecue restaurant has a certain level of flair that other restaurants typically are missing. When you visit a barbecue restaurant, you immediately know what type of food they serve… the typically rustic interiors, the smoky aromas, and the overall character of the place and the people are all indicative of the barbecue being served.

The design of this barbecue restaurant captures the spirit of barbecue, a niche of the food industry that is intensely individualistic, and always of the highest quality. The robust timber frame structure is the perfect match for a barbecue aesthetic, strong, stable, enduring, and rich in character. This design combines other complimenting materials such as weathered wood and metal detailing that fit in with the style. The highlight of this building is the open air timber tower, a premium feature designed as an eye-catching landmark that brands and advertises the quality of the barbecue served inside.



Westfield, Indiana


Design Development


11,936 SF


Mortise and Tenon Timber Frame

Interactive Panorama

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